Beautiful Loft Space for a Fantastic Price.

At YLS we pride ourselves in providing quality workmanship at pricing which is gives astonishing value. I think this recent job for this client illustrates perfectly how a loft which has been loft unused can be transformed into anything you want it to be.

The beauty of this job for the client is that thanks to our dedication to our craft combined with fair pricing means that we could do all of this for under £4000. Here you can see the transition of the work involved.

Picture Gallery


As you can see, we were starting pretty much from scratch on this project.

Loft Conversion before we started

After Boarding

Once we had cleared up the area, you can really start to see the new loft space take shape.

Mid-completion loft conversion


The final painting and decorating of the loft has created this wonderful space.

Yorkshire Loft Finished

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