Recent Client : Loft Boarding In A New Build

We have recently touched on making sure that if you are boarding a loft in a new build, you make sure you don’t invalidate your NHBC Warranty. Following on from this, here is a recent job we have completed in just one day– but we wanted to give you a broader outlook of what it’s like when you invite YLS into your home.

1. Protecting Your Floors.

We first of all make sure your stairs and landing are fully protected with new clean carpet protector. The number of times we have seen and heard of companies using the same old dust sheets that are full of dirt from previous jobs!

covering your floor and stairs

Covering the carpets on the landing

2. Before The Work.

As we found the loft, boxes sat on cardboard. Squashing the insulation and restricting air flow!

boxes sat on current loft floor squashing down the insulation

3. Fitting The Correct Raised Joists

The next step for us was to ensure the Loft was joisted with 7”x 2” treated timbers, screwed into place and insulation re-laid neatly in between the joists. This allows enough of a gap the raised boarding to allow the insulation to do it’s thing.

loft joisted with 7x2 timber

4. Correctly Securing The Boarding.

Moisture resistant flooring boards are screwed to the new joists.

Securing the boarding to the joists

5. The Finished Work

Finished job with, all clean and tidy, with LED mains lighting, shelving to both sides for extra storage and a 3 section aluminium ladder.

correct new build loft boarding

If you have any questions about this job then feel free to leave us a comment below – or if you would like to get a quote for a job similar to this, then feel free to call us on 01138 370073 or contact us for details.