Loft Boarding

Quality Loft Boarding in Wetherby and the surrounding areas.

Create Space with quality Loft Boarding in Wetherby

Loft Boarding in CastlefordFor quality loft boarding installation in Wetherby and the surrounding areas, YLS ensure that as well as top quality workmanship, you will also be getting the very best materials for the job.

Our Loft boarding Services.

We only use high specification 18mm moisture resistant CE and FSC certified flooring.  

All our loft boards measure 2400mm x 600mm which adds more strength to your loft floor than the smaller 1220mm x 330mm loft packs.

We don’t rush jobs by using pneumatic nail guns, all our boards are carefully screwed down to every joist using 4 x 50 Spax screws. (Screws will not work loose over time like nails can)

All loft boards are staggered for extra strength. All new and existing cables are run neatly between the joists prior to boarding. All loft boards are cut neatly around any immovable objects, leaving a neat professional job.

If you are looking for quality loft boarding in Wetherby and surrounding areas, call us now for a no-obligation quote.